Video: ‘Powering America’ Trailer

The Heritage Foundation has a new video on nuclear power.

From Heritage:

We’re all looking for safe and smart solutions to meet America’s growing energy needs, especially as technology advances and new devices become essential to our daily lives. But is nuclear energy the answer? Is it safe? What about the waste and past nuclear accidents? Can nuclear power really meet all of our energy needs?

Powering America answers these questions and more by pulling back the veil on nuclear energy and follows the men and women who work in America’s nuclear industry. Taking a behind-the-scenes look at uranium mines, nuclear power plants, and used fuel recycling facilities from across the globe, Powering America takes viewers on a journey through the full fuel cycle, showing how a simple piece of rock can power a nation, and ultimately our future.

2 thoughts on “Video: ‘Powering America’ Trailer”

  1. Elgrau…..where do you think all that energy comes from to make a wind energy generator? not a wind energy generator thats for sure. wake up there is no such thing as free energy.

  2. Great news! Have you not seen the on-line ads for that motor/generator device that creates electricity out of thin air? Problem solved; no nukes or coal plants needed anymore! LOL!

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