Trump: Windmills are ‘disgusting’

“Horrible” and “noisy”, too.

NewsMax reports on Donald Trump’s comments to Fox News’ Neal Cavuto:

…“Wind is destroying the environment in many, many places. People are going crazy over the horrible, noisy, disgusting windmills. And they are horrible and a horrible intrusion, ruining communities, and solar is weak and has not been effective and is very, very expensive,” Trump said. “And there are just lots of other problems with many forms of energy. But we have — under our wonderful feet — we have natural gas the likes of which no other place has.

“We’re the . . . Saudi Arabia of natural gas and yet we don`t use it. We have oil under our feet and we don`t drill it,” he said. “We have so much and yet we don’t [take] advantage. And so we are beholden to Saudi Arabia and other countries that laugh at us — and they wouldn’t be there except for us”…

[h/t ClimateDepot]

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