2 thoughts on “Tivo alert: Roy Spencer talks EPA, climate, air pollution with John Stossel tonight”

  1. Roy
    I saw the program, I was very impressed with your arguments and point of view.
    Sanity rules
    Paul Angle

  2. The Eco-fascists have re-focused from “global-warming” to, the sound-byte, “The children.” If the EPA really CARED about the children, it would push for a preventative,–a pallitive, like Vit C doled-out (with Naturalpathic permission–a “Dr’s permission” although at MUCH MORE milligrams than the RDA) as a FIX to asthma/pre-asthma/other-as-appropriate lung pathologies, instead of saying let’s not have an industry that could allow their father’s to work and be taxed to maintain the salaries of the bureaus. If the EPA is successful in crashing the USA economy, which it appears, imo, to be eager to do, then a crashed-economy means far, far, fewer EPA jobs for EPA drones.

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