Denier Verse: A Montana mechanic throws a wrench into the climate consensus

“The tipping point came when he opened his morning paper and saw carbon and oxygen described as pollution.”

The Daily Climate reports:

Poetry is perhaps the last thing you’d expect from a denier website, even more so when you learn the author is a mechanic turning wrenches in Helena, Mont.

But poetry is what you find on Bruce A. Kershaw’s attack on established climate science,

It’s the denier canon, in verse…

4 thoughts on “Denier Verse: A Montana mechanic throws a wrench into the climate consensus”

  1. Others have also put their concerns into verse; for instance:

    Well, I try to heed the experts who say that I am dumb,
    I have monitored the HOGWASH and listened to the SCUM.*
    Our progress is the enemy, it seems from what they cry;
    if climates change, inventive man will just give up and die.

    So how could men survive the worst the weather threw at them
    in ages past? Did they just quit and moan a requiem?
    The ice-age men and bedouin and cunning Eskimo,
    have demonstrated humans can survive both drought and snow.

    If all the oceans rise and flood the land whereon we dwell
    we’d build more ocean liners and make mountain homes as well.
    We’d surely have some time to plan — a little breathing space —
    before supposing climate change must doom the human race.

    Environmentalists today who claim they want to be
    at one with nature are, in truth, against humanity.
    The answer is quite simple for each carbon-hating dunce;
    to end their exhalations and to suicide at once.

    * acronyms for Hysteria over Global Warming and Suchlike Hooey, and Stupidly Criminal Unscientific Misanthropes

    Ban Ki-moon screams: “it’s
    difficult to overstate
    the vast gravity

    of global warming!
    We cannot exaggerate
    how dangerously

    our future’s threatened!
    But don’t mention Climategate—
    that’s nothing to me.”

  2. What, did I wander onto Joe Romm’s blog by accident? I’m demanded to log in. First time that’s happened since…
    God, I don’t know. Long time.

    And now I’m put in a moderation que. Will I have to start taking screencaps? Should I look for my words to be altered?

    Say is this an attempt to attract the people from the authoritarian middle? Clever ploy.

  3. Thank God “The Daily Climate” is so up front with its editorializing! This hard-hitting interview goes to the heart of the science, making sure we all know that 97% of Climate Scientists agree with the almighty “consensus.”

    I wonder what would have happened if they had actually challenged the guy on any of his beliefs with more than a dismissive “how can you believe that?”

  4. See now this is where we’re going wrong. Instead of just telling people that windfarms kill 700 eagles a year, we have to give it a liberal hook. Say ah… Altamont kills 700 lesbian eagles per year.

    Or you can use poetry. You know. Whatever it takes to reach that tribe.

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