Sierra Club releases ad featuring asthmatic children

Ambient air harms no child.

The State-Journal reports:

An advertisement from national environmentalists groups asks the question what “if every polluter’s lobbyist was suddenly replaced by asthmatic children.”

The commercial, posted to YouTube, proposes that the answer is that members of Congress would stop trying to “gut Clean Air Standards.” The Sierra Club and National Resources Defense Council is spending seven figures to buy television ad space supporting new standards from the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency…

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3 thoughts on “Sierra Club releases ad featuring asthmatic children”

  1. A very large data set was examined and sophisticated analysis was done by Koop, McKitrick and Tole, Environmental Modeling and Software, 2010, looking at hospital admissions in 11 Canadian cities from 1974 to 1994 when air quality was much poorer than now. They found no relationship between air pollution levels and asthma admissions. People making claims need to point to real papers where the data sets are publicly available.

  2. Priscilla, at a wild guess your occasional asthma disappeared around puberty, right? You remember puberty – that time when adolescents undergo a number of physiological changes and when some enzymes and messenger hormones change function – and childhood allergies are left behind. I strongly doubt that your puberty was initiated by the withdrawal of chlordane-containing pesticides.

  3. Hmm. I was an occasionally asthmatic child…only in the presence of then-popular insecticides containing chlordane. Then I became an asthma-free adult. My nose turns into a fountain in the presence of some currently popular herbicides, though.

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