Shameless: Deniergate’s Gleick keynotes water conference


KQED news reports:

… Notably missing from Gleick’s talk — which focused on a wide range of global and regional water issues central to the Pacific Institute’s core mission — was any specific mention of last month’s confession that he had impersonated of a board member of the Chicago-based, libertarian Heartland Institute to obtain internal documents outlining the group’s anti-climate change campaign….

Deniergate’s Gleick boasts on Twitter of delivering the keynote address for the California Water Policy Conference.

Here’s a shot of the conference web page.

8 thoughts on “Shameless: Deniergate’s Gleick keynotes water conference”

  1. Why would he be embarassed ?… note the absolute dead silence from the lame stream media on any of this. If this had been a right-wing, or conservative group engaged is such fraud, it would be the lead story on all the networks for weeks. The cover-ups and bias continue.

  2. We live in a world where many people believe that to see no evil means that there is no evil, hence the limited vision. Deliberately blinding oneself to truth has worked to appease a guilty conscious for a long time.

  3. These pathetic leftist environmentalist whackos HAVE to lie and cheat to be heard. Whenever something like this comes up, and it’s happened over and over again, we find the phony-science group behind it. Their ideas are so bankrupt, so lacking in merit that making up facts to fit their same old tired narrative is the ONLY thing that works anymore. What a sorry excuse for human life!

  4. What a moron. You would think he’d be too embarrassed to show his face in public. Apparently Gleick has no shame.

  5. He’s a hero on the left for what he did. They don’t care if he forged docs because after all, it’s correct even if it isn’t. Look at Dan Rather and Rathergate.

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