One thought on “Sen. Lautenberg drags out dead sister yet again at EPA budget hearing”

  1. Because it is NOT a profitable, patent-able drug, Vit. C, in mega-doses is “demonized”, plus the studies done on it, use LESS, ALWAYS, –BY DESIGN, than a therapuetic dose, but Vit. C has been SHOWN to reduce/obviate onset of Asthma symptoms. Imo, Sinator Laughten-BORG possibly KILLED his sister, by NOT investigating the vitamin that might have saved her! Lung irritants cause hormone-releases in the Adrenals, which, get overstressed, and are then unable to reply to Antihistimine releases, causing swelling of the Bronchioles of the lungs of an Asthmatic, reducing/blocking O2-CO2 gas exchange. Vit. C, in MUCH greater doses than the RDA(–possibly more than a 1000mg is needed, vs RDA of 60mg), quiets the inflamatory process, and SAVES lives, something the Sin-ator Laughten-BORG could have done for his sister with 2 mins on imo. Of course, imo, Laughten-BORG wouldn’t have sound-bytes for his GREEN-Meanie-weenies at the EPA, unless he was too busy to see about her,imo. It IS very SAD that he and “TRAITORS(imo)”, will take this country DOWN, economically, because of One woman’s passing, who he couldn’t spend two minutes reseach to save,–KNOWING the FDA,–OWNED by Big Pharma,imo, would LIE, –EVEN to him, so they could make a buck. No doubt I am “out-of-line”, so I will apologize at this time, without prompting. I am deeply SORRY for her needless, imo, death, but NO ONE should be held-up to ESTABLISH FASCISM inherant in the criminally-corrupt, imo, EPA,–especially when the Economy is at stake. I maintain, the EPA should be DE-FUNDED,–its power given to the States. PS. Vit C in mega-doses, will prevent/”cure” Pneumonia. Used in Nobama care,or not, I just SAVED the country tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of dollars. You’re welcome.

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