Sadar: Slap-shot climate science

Meteorologist Anthony Sadar takes on “Mann Kampf.”

Sadar writes in the Washington Times:

… Mr. Mann’s book will undoubtedly be quoted and referenced for many years to come to support the current status quo in the academic world of climate science. But therein lies one of the book’s major weaknesses: It represents a limited perspective.

Throughout “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars,” there is the continuous resorting to childish, unprofessional name-calling. Mr. Mann seems to relish the phrase “climate change denier.” On one page alone (Page 193), he uses the silly phrase or some variant of it seven times. The phrase is obviously absurd because no one denies that climate changes.

Such childishness is related to a limited perspective and belies a narrow progressive political tactic to smear anyone who dares to challenge established orthodoxy. Mr. Mann relies substantially on progressive sources such as Media Transparency, Government Accountability Project,,, Union of Concerned Scientists, American Prospect, Center for American Progress, and, without irony, Think Progress. More of these sources too numerous to mention are referenced.

The book’s unintentionally arrogant tone, all too typical of progressive academia, is perhaps a hint of what, unfortunately, irritates Americans. And maybe that’s why the current climate science officialdom is seeing such great resistance from mere mortals. To the rescue, though, Mr. Mann announces the deployment of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team (aka “truth squad”), to quickly quash any threat to the institutional ideology from, say, practicing atmospheric scientists in the real world…

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