Rep. Don Young: Obama’s EPA as an Employment Prevention Agency

“We all want our air and oceans to be clean. But the deluge of EPA-required studies and reports does nothing to get Americans back to work or secure our energy future. If Obama is serious about change, it should start at the EPA.”

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) writes at Politico:

…It’s clear that the EPA has lost its way. Since its inception in 1970, the agency has slowly morphed from an entity with a well-defined mission of cleaning up the environment to one that specializes in natural resource development obstructionism. The EPA is now the gatekeeper, deciding which energy projects move forward and which die in a regulatory labyrinth…

One thought on “Rep. Don Young: Obama’s EPA as an Employment Prevention Agency”

  1. I subscribe to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Weekly Digest Bulletin for my work.
    It is notable that most of the articles that appear in this publication report huge fines levied through court action against businesses for non-compliance issues.
    Now I am curious whether the EPA employs more scientists or more lawyers.

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