Pickens welfare plan up for Senate vote today


E&E Daily reports:

The Senate is set to vote today on a controversial proposal expanding incentives for natural gas vehicles that has split conservatives and moderate Republicans.

The “NAT GAS Act” will be one of several nongermane measures that will see a vote as the Senate tries to clear the 22 remaining amendments to its two-year, $109 billion transportation reauthorization bill. It remains unclear whether the measure will garner the needed 60 ayes, and conservatives are working hard to defeat it.

Speaking on the Senate floor yesterday, co-sponsor Richard Burr (R-N.C.) said the amendment was “probably not going to pass,” a result he called “disappointing.” Burr pitched the bill along with Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada in November, building on a companion bill in the House…”

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4 thoughts on “Pickens welfare plan up for Senate vote today”

  1. I’m not an advocate of NG or it’s derivative (C3H8, propane), Just pointing out the facts. NG will probably be a net export for the US in a few years, unless the administration axes it.

    No double down going on here. I use gasoline, and diesel for transportation, and propane for cooking and heating. Works fine for me.

  2. Point #1. There shouldn’t be any subsidies. If there is a market for NG for transportation, let the market
    decide. NG is a viable fuel source. It is 90% as efficient as gasoline. Many gas stations have NG
    available. The market has already decided, and the demand is weak.

    Point #2. The nation is broke, with default on the horizon. Politicians act like this is no problem. As long as there
    are fools willing to buy US treasury bonds, the pols will be happy to spend it.

    Point #3 Flackmeister: America is also a net importer of petroleum.

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