Pentagon’s green energy plan comes from the top

Still not sure how biofuels, wind turbines and solar power are a competitive advantage on the battlefield.

Greenwire reports:

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has created a high-level energy advisory board to oversee combat energy use in a significant step toward institutionalizing energy awareness throughout the Pentagon.

The board was launched Friday as part of a Department of Defense plan to implement the battlefield energy strategy drawn up last summer (Greenwire, June 15, 2011).

Our challenge is to make sure U.S. Forces are ready for any threat, anywhere in the world, and meeting that challenge requires us to improve the efficiency of our energy use and the diversity of our energy sources, and, ultimately, to build a military force that uses energy as a strategic advantage rather than bears it as a burden,” Panetta wrote in a note introducing the document.

The plan adds teeth to a broad Pentagon strategy, setting timelines and responsibilities toward the military’s goals of reducing demand, expanding supply and planning around energy… [Emphasis added]

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2 thoughts on “Pentagon’s green energy plan comes from the top”

  1. You’re not thinking about the bigger picture. The military have a huge role to play in cutting CO2, one enemy emitter at a time. And don’t forget that blue on blue attacks are particularly effective at saving the World for your grandchildren. /sarc

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