New Mexico to repeal carbon cap

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night.

Climatewire reports:

New Mexico is expected to repeal a rule today that would have established a carbon cap in the state.

The move culminates a multiyear fight between supporters who said the cap would have made the state a leader on climate change and opponents who said it would limit economic growth. The state cap would have taken effect in 2013 and required 3 percent annual cuts in carbon dioxide emissions below 2010 levels.

“They’ve already made up their mind,” said Bruce Frederick, a staff attorney at the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, about the state environmental improvement board, which is scheduled to take a vote on the issue today.

He said his group — which supports the cap — plans to appeal the decision to the appellate court and New Mexico Supreme Court…

6 thoughts on “New Mexico to repeal carbon cap”

  1. Heh – At first glance I thought the title was “New Mexico to repeal carbon crap”. . . . Would have just as well 🙂

  2. A rule? Administrative law by bureaucrats for bureaucrats? It’s not just their economy that was in danger. (This is a very bi-polar state – liberal/conservative, stoner/sober, redchili/greenchili, Santa Fe/the rest of the state – and they will revisit the issue in the future.)

  3. What would have been the economic gain for a state that was a “leader on climate change?”
    What would have been the benefit in terms of effecing a change in the climate?
    How would this have compared to the benefits of a free market economy?

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