Mann: ‘Hockey stick did not suddenly appear out of left field’

Irony intended?

The Guardian presents an edited abstract from “Mann Kampf”:

… To employ a mixed sports metaphor, the hockey stick did not suddenly appear out of left field. Rather, it arose as a logical consequence of decades of work by paleoclimate researchers that led to increasingly rich networks of climate proxy data, and the introduction of new ways to use such data to reconstruct past climates. My colleagues and I were the beneficiaries of this substantial body of past work…

5 thoughts on “Mann: ‘Hockey stick did not suddenly appear out of left field’”

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    man that Mann guy is funny, he’s a pretty good science fiction writer too
    [what? you mean he actually thinks this stuff is real? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ]

  2. Did the picture give Mann the look of a deer in the headlights? I find it so interesting that he and his cohorts were so unwilling to share information before; and now they are unendingly available to share their view of reality. This fact still remains. Mann sued a man named Bell. When that happens everyone has to be deposed. That means that under oath he will have to disclose a great many things he may not wish to; including all of his personal notes and communications. That should prove interesting.

  3. He’s correct. It did not ‘suddenly appear’.
    The social ‘engineers’ worked out in Left field for many decades cultivating various possible tools for intimidating the ‘ignoranti’ into a state of perpetual fear so they could be induced to surrender their autonomy to the ‘cognoscenti’ indefinitely.
    The ozone hole, diseases, and the myriad of chemophobias are good, but transitory.
    The hockey stick seemed the most apt because it was ‘scientific’ enough that most public school graduates would be totally unable to comprehend it, it was global in scope, and provided an extremely long lifetime for a bogeyman.

  4. Actually it appeared out of a left wing agenda. It was needed in order to fulfill the zero growth agenda of the Union of Concerned Scientists and the other anti-human left wing nut case groups around the world.

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