Katherine Hayhoe Cashing In On The Climate Scare…CEO Of Climate Consulting And Fortune-Telling Firm

“As a professor at a state university, is she using research money and all the number-crunching facilities there to supply reports that ATMOS Consulting in turn sells at a high price to clients (after a little cut and paste editing)?”

P Gosselin writes at No Tricks Zone:

What if scientists one day concluded that climate was influenced mostly by natural factors and that man had little impact? What would be the result? For one, lots of people would find themselves in the unemployment line. And for many, their companies and operations would have to close shop…

One person who likely would be negatively impacted is Katherine Hayhoe, who is not only an atmospheric scientist with expertise in climate modelling, regional climate impacts and science-policy interface at Texas Tech, but also happens to be CEO of ATMOS Research and Consulting, a Lubbock-based company “providing detailed reports, maps, and other graphics that vividly illustrate changes that have already been observed, as well as highlighting the possible future impacts of climate change over the coming century“.

The bold print in layman terms: climate fortune-telling services…

4 thoughts on “Katherine Hayhoe Cashing In On The Climate Scare…CEO Of Climate Consulting And Fortune-Telling Firm”

  1. I don’t consider this a conflict of interest at all. People will pay big money for reports that will support their climate alarmism, and she provides the reports. If climate skepticism paid the big money, there would be companies out there providing those reports. That’s not a conflict of interest, that’s just good business.

  2. Has this been reported to the administration at Texas Tech? If so, hopefully the Board of Regents will be a little more diligent than the Directors at Penn St. and their bungling of the Mann investigation.

  3. Come on, lay off Hayhoe. They use only the latest and best scientific methods. Rain dance, sacrificing goats, throwing chicken bones…. In addition, if they happen to be wrong, they can lay blame on the Chinese, the Ocean or the Republicans in the blink of an eye. I’m not sure what you or anyone else could do to be more accurate.

  4. There may be a serious conflict-of-interest / misappropriation issue here. How much of the work is being funded by Texas taxpayers, and how much is ATMOS R&C reimbursing the State of Texas from its earnings?

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