JunkScience to Boehner: Hold the wind tax credit hostage

House Speaker Boehner has the power to end the Obama war on fossil fuel.

About the transportation bill moving through the Senate this week, E&E Daily reports:

… Clean fuel groups and environmentalists are also watching a trio of amendments that deal with current energy tax credits. Biofuels groups — including Growth Energy and the National Biodiesel Board — are backing language from Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) that would extend clean energy tax credits, including those for biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol. However, conservative groups are pulling for one from Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) that would terminate some energy tax subsidies…

Now is the time for Boehner to play the “clean energy” hostage card.

5 thoughts on “JunkScience to Boehner: Hold the wind tax credit hostage”

  1. Yet…he HAD to have been pretty savvy to get nominated for Rep, so I feel his “lameness” is COVER for his being a Globalist, and he doesn’t want to stop the Liberal Demoncrats, because he’s a RINO that supports their agenda.. The Tea Party should target him, but since its inception, it has changed, so we may have to look elsewhere.

  2. Boehner doesn’t have the smarts to pull off such a coup. He gets beat at the gate every time he tries to win an issue. He needs to find a rocking chair and sit on a porch in Ohio. Not fit to lead.

  3. I think we should have Boehner hold the wind-tax credits “hostage”, until the “war over Coal & Oil” is stopped. Of course, knowing how Commies think, they’d LIE about stopping the war against coal/oil/gas. This could backfire on Boehner, because his demoncratic opponents could say Boehner is “anti-energy”. You would be balancing a 10 billion-dollar subsidy(we pay) for hundreds of billions to be MADE off of coal & gas(customer pays US). While Nobama could be “hurt” by no wind credits, I think Soros, and, the Bilderbergers, would tell Nobama (–who listens, unfortunately) to “tough-it-out”, because stopping all coal, oil, and gas, WILL destroy this economy, what the Globalists DREAM of doing, and this would set the stage for: Global governance, –Martial law (Congress goes home, FEMA-camps start),–the END of this country as we know it, with worse to come.

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