JunkScience to Boehner: Hold the wind tax credit hostage

House Speaker Boehner has the power to end the Obama war on fossil fuel.

About the transportation bill moving through the Senate this week, E&E Daily reports:

… Clean fuel groups and environmentalists are also watching a trio of amendments that deal with current energy tax credits. Biofuels groups — including Growth Energy and the National Biodiesel Board — are backing language from Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) that would extend clean energy tax credits, including those for biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol. However, conservative groups are pulling for one from Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) that would terminate some energy tax subsidies…

Now is the time for Boehner to play the “clean energy” hostage card.

5 thoughts on “JunkScience to Boehner: Hold the wind tax credit hostage”

  1. I think we should have Boehner hold the wind-tax credits “hostage”, until the “war over Coal & Oil” is stopped. Of course, knowing how Commies think, they’d LIE about stopping the war against coal/oil/gas. This could backfire on Boehner, because his demoncratic opponents could say Boehner is “anti-energy”. You would be balancing a 10 billion-dollar subsidy(we pay) for hundreds of billions to be MADE off of coal & gas(customer pays US). While Nobama could be “hurt” by no wind credits, I think Soros, and, the Bilderbergers, would tell Nobama (–who listens, unfortunately) to “tough-it-out”, because stopping all coal, oil, and gas, WILL destroy this economy, what the Globalists DREAM of doing, and this would set the stage for: Global governance, –Martial law (Congress goes home, FEMA-camps start),–the END of this country as we know it, with worse to come.

  2. Boehner doesn’t have the smarts to pull off such a coup. He gets beat at the gate every time he tries to win an issue. He needs to find a rocking chair and sit on a porch in Ohio. Not fit to lead.

  3. Yet…he HAD to have been pretty savvy to get nominated for Rep, so I feel his “lameness” is COVER for his being a Globalist, and he doesn’t want to stop the Liberal Demoncrats, because he’s a RINO that supports their agenda.. The Tea Party should target him, but since its inception, it has changed, so we may have to look elsewhere.

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