Juliet Eilperin: Two-thirds of polar bears 'could be extinct' by mid-century

The Washington Post alarmist endangers the English language.

In an article about zoo profiteering the polar bear scare, the unfortunate Juliet Eilperin writes in the Post:

….Based on current projections, federal scientists say two-thirds of the world’s polar bears could be extinct by mid-century, though a significant cut in greenhouse gas emissions could help halt that decline… [Emphasis added]

11 thoughts on “Juliet Eilperin: Two-thirds of polar bears 'could be extinct' by mid-century”

  1. Not from hunting ban. Pop growth is because of
    hunting. Hunting gives value to the animals to
    the locals. Import restrictions to the U.S. will cut
    hunting sharply, which is a real threat to the polar

    Managed hunting is good for wildlife.

  2. I could only hope two-thirds of all nitwit “journalists” were extinct by then. I tire of the infantile stupidities foisted off on the public by these asshats.

  3. Let’s see! The population has increased from about 5000 or 10000 in the 50ties to currently the to currently number of about 25000, mainly from hunting ban.
    An inrease of about 250 or 500%.
    A decrease of 2/3 to 1/3 of current number, that give a number that is still bigger than it was in the 50ties.

  4. “The one thing they cannot survive is the disintegration of the ice.”

    Bull!!!! Every wildlife photographer who wants to make a documentary on polar bears goes to Churchill, Manitoba. They are up to their ear lobes in polar bears in Churchill. It is located on the mid-western coastline of Hudson Bay, and the ice melts out of Hudson Bay every year. That does not seem to have hurt the bear population at all.

  5. Not True!

    They are all going to Die!!

    Polar Bears don’t live that long – 15 to 18 years and all of them will have passed away by mid century but like all other life on earth. The babies live on.

  6. Shooter. There are two, three word phrases that these people will never utter under any circumstance; they are: “We don’t know” and “we were wrong.”

  7. Alright, so when 2050 gets here and none of this happens, what then? “Oh, we were wrong…IT’S 2100 NOW!”

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