Jennifer Granholm: Sperm are ‘pre-human lives’

Now wonder she works for Al Gore’s Current TV.

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm writes in “Women facing sexual McCarthyism” at Politico:

Guys, I’m thinking it’s hard for you to imagine what it’s like to have your most private decisions made for you. By women.

Let’s put it this way: Imagine that you need Viagra. Imagine that a law passed by an 80 percent female Legislature mandates that to obtain a prescription, you have to procure an affidavit from a sexual partner verifying that you are indeed incapable of an erection.

Or maybe, before obtaining a vasectomy, you have to undergo an ultrasound on your testicles — wherein a technician must apply gel and press a hand-held transducer on your private parts. The legislation mandates that you watch images of your sperm on a monitor as a doctor describes the millions of pre-human lives you are about to end…[Emphasis added]

In any event, “McCarthyism” is what happened to Sen. Joe McCarthy, not what he did in exposing communists in the U.S. Government.

5 thoughts on “Jennifer Granholm: Sperm are ‘pre-human lives’”

  1. Based on Jennifer Granholm’s ideas, she is murdering pre-human babies every time she menustrates, and women also are murderers every time they fail to get pregnant during their fertile periods.

  2. “Imagine that a law passed by an 80 percent male Legislature mandates that to obtain a prescription [for public-funded birth control pills], you have to procure an affidavit” showing that you don’t know how babies are made and can’t control yourself.

  3. A sperm is no more “pre-human” than a wad of spit or the epithelial cells that slough off on the toilet seat – less so, actually, because they do not contain a complete set of DNA! They cannot reproduce, and you can’t make a copy of the donor from them! What a scientifically ignorant attempt to equate the by-product of daily gonad production with an actual neonatal human. But that’s what liberals do – dehumanize everything, or elevate everything ELSE (animals, sperm cells) to the level of human for sake of argument. Oxford says we can kill babies now too, since they aren’t really “people” (no word on how old they have to be to BE people….)

  4. Back to sex ed for you, Governor!

    I’m a guy, and I’d still like an affidavit from your sexual partner or other proof before letting you have some Viagra. Especially if I’m forced to pay for it. But I’m not for paying for it with insurance anyway. It’s discretionary spending.

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