Inhofe’s ‘global-warming hoax’ book event draws crowd

“The message today is this war isn’t over.”

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The Tulsa World reports:

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe attracted a steady crowd of friends, politicians and corporate leaders Monday evening for the local rollout of his book, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.”

Inhofe signed copies of the book and spoke to friends and supporters at the Barnes & Noble bookstore at 5341 E. 41st St.

Inhofe’s book argues that claims of man-made global warming are false and part of an effort to dramatically increase regulation of American lives and business, as well as to raise the cost of living and taxes.

“The message today is this war isn’t over,” he said.

When the so-called cap-and-trade bill to limit air pollution stalled, Inhofe said, he stopped writing his book, figuring that the challenge had passed.

“Then we realized they’re going to do it through regulations and the EPA,” he said.

Inhofe said people are responding to the book’s message.

“We’ve changed a lot of minds with this already,” he said…

4 thoughts on “Inhofe’s ‘global-warming hoax’ book event draws crowd”

  1. Flak–,bill–, Roy: You COULD have NO AGM with some evo + genesis. At the center of the Universe, one day could be a billion(or more) of OUR years, so BOTH evo + Gen are possible. Also G-d could have “Gen-some, Evo-some. We know Aliens(–WE, will be “aliens” someday, to other planets) exist, and they could be the fingers of G-d’s hand, under a “Prime directive.” The Bible has great import as a morals-teaching tool, if you are not a believer. But I suggest you believe, for the following. The Ascension was viewed by over 5,000 people, and one “reporter” was a pagan Roman. He made a LIVING being the “Bill Marr” of his day, and being no friend of Jewish practices and fringe-Jewish-cultists (Christians). Friends, only a FOOL would NOT believe, but G-d Bless You either choice. To flakmeister, the Greatest and the Worst have German heritage. And don’t forget the Army belt-buckle, “Gott mit uns”. Now, you’ll say, but they lost the war. Did they? Except for the partition, they RID themselves of the Reprobate Third Reich leaders, AND our tax-dollars rebuilt their shattered industry. The Germans and the Japanese WON WWII, imo. We just don’t realize they did. The Nazis COULD have built a deuterium-weapon, but the German “Einstein” was stalling, and …but there was NO POINT, as the Globalist, Speer, announced in a Aug.’44 meeting in Strasbourg, that NO NUKES would be used in Europe. Remember in the “bunker-movies”, Hitler tells Speer to destroy all German industry, knowing he will NOT implement that plan, and Speer’s there at the end to TELL Hitler that he did not implement his orders, and Hitler theoretically could have had him shot for that, but didn’t even try. I feel planes & subs took the REAL Hitler to Argentina, where he passed away in the ’60s. Doubles stood-in for Hitler in the bunker. although they were not obvious as Nazis, the Globalists were firmly in control behind them, giving up on conquering Russian after, the Viscount Slim plus Russians would have prevented German occupation of Iran/caucases..

  2. Evolutionary hypotheses are themselves ridiculous, not their denial. Just as with AGW, the scientific basis for Darwinian evolution is tenuous. The Book of Genesis is a more cogent framework.

  3. You are so right, Flakmeister. There has been a false equating of climate warming skepticism to the ridiculous denial of evolution. Biblical references feeds into rhetoric.

  4. Hey argue AGW from a science perspective, but to bring Genesis into the argument isn’t going to cut it….

    One could always throw some of Isiah back into his face….

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