Huntsman still opposes carbon caps

Here are excerpts from Huntsman’s interview with

Q. Do you still support a cap on carbon emissions?

A. Not if it would stand in the way of getting this economy back on its feet and creating jobs. And I have not yet heard articulated any kind of [carbon-cap] program that would do anything other than hinder our economic rebound.

Q. In the last presidential election year, climate change was almost a bipartisan issue. What has happened in the last four years? How did this issue get so polarized?

A. I don’t hear Democrats talking about it either. I don’t see it on the agenda anywhere. And the No. 1 reason is because we’ve had an economic implosion.

I used to run the Republican Governors Association and we had, almost to a person, Republicans and Democrats alike who were after the same basic solutions [on climate]. And then our economy imploded. That presented a much different reality, and we’re still stuck in that reality…

Q. Do you think your position on climate change hurt you during the primary?

A. Oh, it didn’t help at all…

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2 thoughts on “Huntsman still opposes carbon caps”

  1. Sounds like he ONCE was very much For Cap & TAX(–when he was in the govenor’s meetings), and he is correct, “Caps” are INSANE in a Recession. However, even with carbon prices down, the moronic EU is still trying to go with them, with this latest on the airlines. I’m glad he’s out, too, because he’d just be Nobama-lite, imo. I “second” woodNfish’s post, not that he needs it.

  2. Huntsman may be pragmatic, but he’s still a rhino dumbass and I am glad he is out of the election.

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