General Motors: the unacceptable face of corporatism

“Have a look at this video and make sure you have a sick bucket handy.”

James Delingpole continues in the Telegraph:

… It shows Dan Akerson, CEO of General Motors, fawning, grovelling and abasing himself before the Climate Inquisition – and coming perilously close to endorsing the slander of a perfectly blameless free market think tank. (H/T Steven Milloy/Junk Science)

The Climate Inquisition, in this instance, is represented by an environmental campaign organisation called Climate One. GM is one of its sponsors and, in the course of his public interrogation, Akerson is asked his views on GM’s funding of “a group that has tried to push misinformation about climate science into our public schools”, the Heartland Institute.
Do CEOs of major US corporations not employ people to brief them?…

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2 thoughts on “General Motors: the unacceptable face of corporatism”

  1. I believe this moron was installed after the bail out but I could be wrong. Under this kind of leadership GM is surely going to go under. There new profit shares are a farce. GM is paying no taxes and not paying on its loans plus it benefited from what happened in Japan a year ago. 2012 will be much different and it begins it downward slide back to the bottom of the whole it dug its self over many years. It may have even started with the production suspension of the Volt which nobody wants.

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