EPA heightens scrutiny of Pa.’s Marcellus Shale

“The state says EPA is meddling. EPA says it is doing its job.”

The Associated Press reports:

… Federal regulators are ramping up their oversight of the Marcellus with dual investigations in the northeastern and southwestern corners of Pennsylvania. EPA is also sampling water around Pennsylvania for its national study of the potential environmental and public health impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the technique that blasts a cocktail of sand, water and chemicals deep underground to stimulate oil and gas production in shale formations like the Marcellus. Fracking allows drillers to reach previously inaccessible gas reserves, but it produces huge volumes of polluted wastewater and environmentalists say it can taint groundwater. Energy companies deny it…

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2 thoughts on “EPA heightens scrutiny of Pa.’s Marcellus Shale”

  1. There is a fascinating concept in psychology call the “theory of the mind.” Early in their development children see the world narrowly. They can not deal with the fact that others may know something beyond that experience. Fracking has been used for decades over thousands of wells over decades. The people of Pennsylvania did not know of this experience, and like immature children they can not accept the vast experience with fracking. The same thing happened with breast implants. The years of experience with the devices were declared non existent by Dr. Sidney Wolfe as the only way safety can be assured is trough a specific testing program. he needlessly frightened thousands of women and bankrupted decent companies. The Germans, who make great cars and those fantastic tunnel machines, van conceive of a tsunami in Dusseldorf because they can see the pictures from Japan. How can a people be sooooooo stupid?

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