Enviros challenge first large-scale wind farm in national forest

“The environmentalists also worry that the project would set a bad precedent for forests across the nation.”

Greenwire reports:

Environmentalists are challenging the Forest Service’s approval of the first utility-scale wind farm on national forestland, potentially delaying a project that was supposed to signal the agency’s readiness to assume a greater role in renewable energy development.

A coalition of groups led by the Wilderness Society and Defenders of Wildlife filed an administrative appeal with the agency last month contesting its special-use permit authorizing the installation of 15 wind power turbines inside southwest Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest.

In a separate administrative appeal also filed last month, Vermonters for a Clean Environment (VCE) is also challenging the Forest Service’s decision to approve the 30-megawatt wind farm proposed by Portland, Ore.-based Iberdrola Renewables.

“Clean, renewable energy is the right idea for Vermont, but approving the Deerfield Wind proposal was the wrong decision. It is simply the wrong place for this kind of project,” said Leanne Klyza-Linck, the Wilderness Society’s assistant vice president for Eastern regional conservation in Hinesburg, Vt…

2 thoughts on “Enviros challenge first large-scale wind farm in national forest”

  1. Finally the in fighting has started. Hang in there boys and girls, the cracks are starting to show.

  2. I feel no wind-farms for forests. This is ONE TIME the Eco-nazis are correct. But I have an idea. Use VERTICLE windmills that can be mounted on telephone-pole-sized steel tubing, to be place on those pylons holding-up ski-lifts. Everyone’s USED to a verticle sponson holding-up the lift. a Verticle windmill atop each support member will kill fewer birds, provide green power, not interrupt the vista, will be the solution.

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