Delay EU carbon levy, says air industry

“[The emissions trading system] started out as a discussion over environmental legislation but is turning into a trade conflict.”

The Financial Times reports:

Seven of Europe’s leading aviation companies have joined forces to warn the European Union’s plans to charge for carbon pollution are jeopardising 2,000 jobs and billions of dollars of orders from China.

Airbus and six large European airlines said the plan to bring global airlines into the EU emissions trading scheme for carbon dioxide, which the industry has steadfastly opposed, is creating an “intolerable” threat to the European aviation industry by opening up the possibility of trade battles with China, the US and Russia…

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One thought on “Delay EU carbon levy, says air industry”

  1. I don’t think the USA should pay under any carbon scheme that the American people have Not agreed on earlier, and the Senate has not ratified. I don’t think “delay” is the word. I think the EU-scheme should be ELIMINATED, NOT delayed, as far as our portion. The Fed already gave your banks billions of our taxes, so we should not support the EU, further, imo. I personally think it is commendable that Red China & the CIS are opposing your scheme, because there’s no global-warming, we owe you nothing. You should have NO yuan, no dollars, no rubles for carbon fraud, imo. If you DO charge us for landings, and we agree to pay then goods from our countries will simply increase along with your landing fees, so why bother? Maybe we NEED a “trade-war” with the EU. We don’t “need” the EU. The EU… needs us.

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