Death-threat-apalooza: McKibben 'endured death threats' for linking early spring to climate change

Following in the footsteps of whiners Katharine Hayhoe and Michael Mann, now’s Bill McKibben is claiming to have been the target of “death threats.” But maybe he’s just tying to distract from an allegation of racism?

Columnist Bill Berry writes in the Capital Times (Madison, WI):

… Environmental activist Bill McKibben, not one to cower from this fight for the future of the globe, used an uncommonly hot late winter and spring this year to remind us something is up. He noted recently that even the normally “just the facts” National Weather Service has taken note of this year’s anomalous weather.

For instance, the Chicago NWS office said in an official statement, “It’s extraordinarily rare for climate locations with 100-plus yearlong periods of records to break records day after day after day.” Wisconsin maple syrup producers, their business devastated by the heat wave, can only nod their heads in agreement.

Hey, as a lifelong resident of this cold-weather state, it’s hard not to suspend all rational thought and just enjoy. But when low temperatures are higher than record high temperatures by double digits, it’s weird.

McKibben has endured death threats for pointing out what ought to be the obvious. We’ve never seen anything like what we’re seeing the past few weeks, McKibben says, adding: “Except, of course, in the models that the climatologists have been printing out on their supercomputers for the last two decades. This is what climate change looks like, just like last year’s new record for multibillion-dollar weather disasters is what climate change looks like”… [Emphasis added]

6 thoughts on “Death-threat-apalooza: McKibben 'endured death threats' for linking early spring to climate change”

  1. There is only one problem here 1) Global temps are below normal for the year
    They are below normal for march

    They have been falling the last 3 years in a jagged fashion since the Pacific changed from its WARM MODE to cold
    global sea ice is on top of normal

    The arctic is nearing its 30 year running mean at 15%
    in area ( 30%) is on top of normal
    the antarctic is above

    a man who keeps this from you is either ignorant to the facts, ignores them or knows them and simply lies. Its all there for folks to see.

    now sinc Mckibben and his bunch are busting badly on the their forecast for catastrophic warming as can be plainly seen here..co2 keeps going up and the temp after leveling off is going down,

    I will make the forecast that the low point against the normals you saw in the 3 year running mean, since the oceanic cycle in the pacific changed will hit another low this winter. I THOUGHT WE WERE TALKING GLOBAL WARMING, NOT 15% OF THE GLOBE , WHICH IS WHERE THE HEAT WAVE OCCURRED. He and his ilk only use a weather event ( including snow and cold the last 2 winters, or hurricanes 7 years ago, or tornadoes last year) when they can find a way to get it by an unsuspecting public. So I will show that chart next year and it will be lower and by the time we get out of this cold Pacific cycle, around 2030 we will back where we were at the last pacific cold cycle, in the late 70s. That is when we got an objective way of measureing temps, not this adjust and run like they are trying to pull now

    In the meantime, if Mr Mckibben, or you, were in China or Alaska where the winter was much like the last time the PDO flipped to cold in the 1950s, would you be saying its global warming. Perhaps, if you were delusional

  2. Saw a news ticker – temperatures expected to return to NORMAL across eastern US.

    Hey, you had a bout of warm spring probably associated with a weather pattern which brought warm air from the sub-tropics – panic !

  3. Granted it was warmer than usual HERE. But this ignores the record snowfall, cold temperatures and winter across Europe and even in Alaska.

    There is a pattern here of ignoring inconvenient data while trumpeting anomalies. 2010 was one of the coldest summers on record for California and the west coast, but they had a one week long heat wave that set a one day record, the one hot day was all that was ever reported in the MSM and it captivated them for weeks.

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