Climate Change Skepticism a Sickness That Must be 'Treated,' Says Professor

This is the professor.

Here’s your future camp badge.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Comparing skepticism of man-made global warming to racist beliefs, an Oregon-based professor of sociology and environmental studies has labeled doubts about anthropogenic climate change a “sickness” for which individuals need to be “treated”.

Professor Kari Norgaard, who is currently appearing at the ‘Planet Under Pressure’ conference in London, has presented a paper in which she argues that “cultural resistance” to accepting the premise that humans are responsible for climate change “must be recognized and treated” as an aberrant sociological behavior…

18 thoughts on “Climate Change Skepticism a Sickness That Must be 'Treated,' Says Professor”

  1. I’m sorry to say, No. However just something as simple as cutting her hair to less than shoulder-length, would go a long way towards correcting the impression her face gives. Females have only been doing exactly what I am saying she should, for 10,000 years now.

  2. I just visited the Virginia Holocaust Museum this afternoon. Her words are frightfully familiar. But it’s wrong of me to invoke Nazis like this. Besides, this is more like Mao’s re-education camps and Stalin’s gulags.

  3. That’s not nice. Besides, it’s not the teeth, it’s the Mr Ed (the talking horse) smile that’s throwing you off your feed.

  4. This person only has a bachelors degree apparently and works in the Sociology Dept. You should read the titles of her course offerings. It’s a mugs list of how to waste Mom and Dad’s money at college while racking up $100,000 in student loans and not able to get a job even at McDonalds.

    “Oh my… what a maroon.” – Bugs Bunny

  5. the last time I saw teeth like that someone was feeding it an apple while they were saddling it.

  6. A simple method for discovering those who are defective has been around for quite some time. All we need to do is check for lumps on these defectives skull. This is real science rediscovered. To quote A. Hitler, “what luck for rulers, people don’t think”.

  7. scarletknight72 – Dr. Norgaard is a faculty member of the Sociology Department at University of Oregon, Eugene.

  8. Being a medical researcher who values the role of skepticism in science, I’m shocked that anyone claiming to have a higher education would make such a specious and self-important remark. So how do we treat skepticism Dr. Norgaard? How about Ludovico technique reeducation camps? If that doesn’t work lets just give them lobotomies or better yet trepanning, callosotomies, RF oblation of reason centers of the brain, or shock collar behavioral modification?

    Do you have any idea how vile and frightening your Stalinesque ideology is? You’re an embarrassment and disgrace to academia, demonstrating some universities will hand out a PhD with no more requirements than a valid credit card. You’re a threat to science and society.

  9. It appears Professor Norgaard has already found a treatment…for priapism.

    Seriously tho’, her argument is: “If you disagree, you must be ‘treated’ until you do”? A character straight out of Orwell. The buzzwords she uses include “cultural resistance”,”social threat” and of course the inevitable, and utterly irrelevant, “racism”.

    From her bio page @ Whitman:
    “..Within the field of Environmental Sociology I am particularly interested in the intersection of social inequality (e.g. gender, race, class) and environmental problems. This area is also known as environmental justice…”

    I think we’ve been given a taste of the good professor’s definition of “justice”. tastes a little like…Stalin.

  10. “Leave the serial killers, gang bangers and drug cartels alone, but lock up them skeptics!”

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