Clean Energy PR Flack Advocates ‘Open Warfare’ Against Skeptics

“Gloves off… street rules.”

William Brent, executive vice president at Weber Shandwick and head of the global firm’s renewable energy and cleantech practice, writes at GreenBiz:

The people who accept climate change as a real threat need to accept that they have failed to get other people to accept climate change as a real threat. One climate scientist, Peter Gleick, was so desperate to expose skeptics that he lied to obtain internal documents from The Heartland Institute, a libertarian group that questions the reality of climate change and has done well in discrediting Gleick and his peers.
But stealing documents is not the way that climate policy will see meaningful change here in the United States. Stealing some of the skeptics’ playbook, however, might make a difference.

Liberal foundations (there are several prominent ones) that fund efforts here in the United States to make sure climate change is properly reported, and to have rapid response in place to rebut arguments from climate skeptics — they all live in their heads. Their approach is rational. They underappreciate the fact that the issue at hand is emotional and visceral.

Conservative attack dogs understand this. They have no hesitation going for the jugular, or playing to our most primordial instincts and fears. The liberal elite, meanwhile, continue to try to influence policy and public opinion by citing science, by correcting factual mistakes and by engaging in “substantive debate.”

They will never win, because they are not only playing by the wrong rules, they are playing the wrong game.

Prompting action on climate change requires open warfare. Gloves off. If there are rules, they are street rules, i.e. logic is out the window. On the street, it is all about protecting your people… [Emphasis added]

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7 thoughts on “Clean Energy PR Flack Advocates ‘Open Warfare’ Against Skeptics”

  1. Go down and read the entire commentary, and you’ll see the
    American Lung Association joining the fray. Well of course we
    all want to keep the real bad things outnof the atmosphere,
    such as sulfur, nitrogen oxides, soot, mercury…and we’re doing
    this. BUT CO2? We need more coal-burning plants putting more
    of such a good a good into the atmos.

  2. William Brent:
    “They will never win, because they are not only playing by the wrong rules, they are playing the wrong game.”

    Could you be a little more cryptic Mr. Brent? Nothing like an open and honest debate.
    Allow me to retort: The eagle has landed because the sky is falling.

  3. Gloves off is fine. Some of us wear steel toes and channel locks, and it ain’t the greens.

  4. What a pathetic little rant. How the heck did this guy become executive vp of anything? Its obvious now that the warmist’s fight is against nature. That is why they are losing and will always lose. The skeptics are merely pointing out the obvious.

  5. No, he’s suggesting skipping the non-existent debates, and leading with a right (or is it a left?).

  6. Here you go. You don’t have to search for it any more. The “Skeptics Play Book”: Seek the truth and don’t fudge the science. At the same time, expose those who squander the truth and fudge the science.

    There! The big secret is out!

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