Claim: Global Warming May Have Fueled March Heat Wave Odds

The “burgeoning” field of “extreme event attribution” is science?

Andrew Freedman writes at Climate Central:

According to several top scientists, the March heat wave that has shattered records across a wide swath of the U.S. bears some of the hallmarks of global warming.

In email conversations on Wednesday and Thursday, those same scientific researchers who specialize in studying the role climate change plays in influencing individual extreme events — a burgeoning field known as “extreme event attribution” — said global warming may have made March’s soaring temperatures more likely to occur, although they add that natural variability has played a key role as well…

[h/t Climate Depot]

One thought on “Claim: Global Warming May Have Fueled March Heat Wave Odds”

  1. They expect to get paid for what my grandmother on the farm was doing 80 years ago – not to mention countless generations before her. These top scientists bear some of the hallmarks of supserstitious village elders, witch doctors, inquisitors and rain dancers, murderers and apes. More so with the first four, though.

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