Chesapeake, GE push for US cars to run on natural gas

Possibly a demo project to use in a future push for a Pickens-like bill subsidizing natural gas cars? Let’s keep in mind that Chesapeake’s Aubrey McClendon and GE’s Jeff Immelt are scoundrels.

The Financial Times reports:

General Electric and Chesapeake Energy have formed an alliance to promote the use of natural gas as a fuel for cars and trucks, in a bid to capitalise on the US shale gas boom.

The two companies will work together on developing gas infrastructure for transport, including new units for compressing natural gas for use at filling stations.

The collaboration has an initial target of installing just 250 of those units, which would be a large increase from the 500 natural gas filling stations now open, but small in the context of about 159,000 retail fuel outlets in the US…

Read the entire report.

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