Chantrill: The Science of Half-Baked Ideas

“[Michael Mann is] a bully, and in the ClimateGate e-mails, he bullies even his colleagues.”

Christopher Chantrill writes at American Thinker:

… People with half-baked ideas that are not ready for prime time instinctively grasp that they need the bludgeon of government force. There’s a long and tragic history of half-baked ideas linked up to government, from Horace Mann’s half-baked idea in the 1830s that government education would reduce crime, Marx’s half-baked critique of capitalism, and on to Lysenko and “whole language” reading. It makes sense that Michael Mann’s flawed Hockey Stick paper would be boosted at the dawn of climate science by the global-warming alarmists and given an authority it didn’t deserve. So also did Ancel Keys’ cholesterol theory get established into a huge government war on fat…

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