Bill Press: Politicians fiddle while the earth burns

It’s warm in Washington, DC. It must be global warming, says Bill Press.

Bill Press writes in the Chicago Tribune:

…Here in Washington, people are walking around in shorts and T-shirts fit for summer. Yet, officially, it’s not even spring. And according to Andrew Freedman of Climate Central, it’s all related to global warming: “In a long-term trend that has been linked to global climate change, daily record-high temperatures have recently been outpacing daily record-lows by an average of 2-1, and this imbalance is expected to grow as the climate continues to warm”…

One thought on “Bill Press: Politicians fiddle while the earth burns”

  1. If it is truly a “Global” warming problem, why is it, that here in Australia, we had the coldest and wettest summer in recorded history? The U.S. does not cover the whole world and Bill Press and Andrew Freedman should know better, than maintaining the doomsayers’ chant of AGW! Anyway, global warming is much preferred over global cooling, as an ice-age will cause wide-spread droughts, like it happened every 1,500 years in Africa and droughts bring starvation, while tropical weather enables farmers to grow up to 3 crops every year! So-called educated people should shed their phobia and try to live in a real world, because nobody can change, what our Universe does to our world and nobody could “glue together” the tectonic plates, which cause earth- and sea-quakes followed by tsunamis, or “plug up” the 200 or so vulcanoes, which when erupting, emit huge amounts of toxic gases in our atmosphere. For anyone to claim, that taxing CO2 can stop our changing climate, is just very infantile.
    “Academics” should just grow up and not become corrupt in their theories/ideologies, especially when they wish to impose hardship on the average, hard-working people. There are too many charlatans, like Al Gore, Richard Branson, George Soros and the likes, who preach about an un-polluted world, but still maintain their huge businesses, mansions, jumbo jets, SUVs and life-styles, that actually produce pollution! There is just one word for them: “hypocrites”.

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