Bill O’Reilly: Exporting Nonsense on Gas Prices Oil

“Lately Bill O’Reilly’s comments regarding gasoline prices have been nonsensical.”

The Institute for Energy Research’s Robert Murphy continues:

… O’Reilly’s analysis of the oil market and the role of exports is not only wrong, it’s absurd. Even if he were right, slapping taxes on American firms is not the way to help Americans. As we’ll see, oil refiners aren’t doing anything nefarious by participating in the global market. And as for O’Reilly’s proposals, they would not only cost American jobs, they would have a negligible impact on gas prices…

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11 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly: Exporting Nonsense on Gas Prices Oil”

  1. What a crap article. We are importing raw materials (oil) and exporting finished products (fuel). Oil in of it’s self is useless. If we want to keep more of the useful finished product an export tax would do that. This is basic economics. If it’s cheaper to sell it here than to ship it, it gets sold here. Referring to the amount of oil that we export is meaningless and just added to obfuscate the issue.

  2. It is sad that most people have no inkling of how economics and markets work. Even a semi-conservative like O’Reilly has no clue.

  3. “He was obviously a person unconcerned with the facts.”

    I STRONGLY disagree. He IS concerned with the facts. He just doesn’t
    understand what the facts are sometimes. Like with this current oil/
    gasoline price business. As I said earlier, he gets goofy when he talks
    about insurance companies, too.

    The problem with O’Reilly is he is just not very smart. Oh, and he’s
    annoying. But he does deserve credit for giving a microphone to

  4. I got my fill of O’Reilly with this nightly crusade against Gary Condit. Turns out Condit didn’t do it. My guess is O’Reilly’s crusade interfered with the search for the real murderer. He was obviously a person unconcerned with the facts. The few bits I’ve seen when he discusses the oil companies confirms my prior opinion.

  5. He did start his career as a school teacher.

    But he is no conservative. He once read an email saying, “O’Reilly, you
    aren’t smart enough to be a conservative.” I laughed a good while on
    that one.

    He got a reputation (amongst libtards) for being a conservative for simply
    letting conservatives speak on his TV show. His giving a microphone to the
    other side has made him rich. It hasn’t made him a conservative.

  6. I have long felt that O’Reilly isn’t worth watching. He is, in many ways, as irresponsible as the lefties he supposedly stands against. He talks over everyone, he interrupts, he spews out logical fallacies and clearly there are a lot of times he pontificates unendingly about things he doesn’t understand. He’s a phony and a bully. I have watched his insane views about gasoline a couple of times and then just changed the channel. He is clueless. I really believe he was a teacher in days gone by.

  7. He’s way off on the gasoline exports issue. It’s mostly S. America, not China and India like he claims. And the main culprit in causing the exports is the US Federal Gov. that made the foreign markets more attractive by devaluating the dollar and increaseing the costs of production at home.

  8. I used to watch Bill O’Reilly, but not anymore. He is just another deluded commentator that believes government should solve societal problems. And of course, his solutions would would work without any of the unintended consequences the others have. Sure.

  9. O’Reilly acts the same with insurance companies. I.e., he believes that
    government must strongly regulate business. He is simply a fascist,
    favoring strong, autocratic central control of business.

    I watch O’Reilly with DVR remote in hand. I listen to some of his guests,
    but not much of him. When Lamont Hill, et al, are his guests, I watch the
    whole show in less than 3 minutes.

  10. I enjoy O’Reilly in most of his comments, but this harangue is beneath him. I would prefer that he drop it, or even explain his errors.


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