Agenda 21: Science mag calls for steps toward global governance

During the Enlightment, science was liberating. During the Environment, Science is oppressive.

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Fundamental overhaul of global environmental governance needed, argues article in Science

32 leading governance experts argue in Science for fundamental reforms of global environmental governance and a ‘constitutional moment’ in world politics

Reducing the risk of potential global environmental disaster requires a “constitutional moment” comparable in scale and importance to the reform of international governance that followed World War II, say 32 leading experts in an article in Science, published on 16 March.

Stark increases in natural disasters, food and water security problems and biodiversity loss are just part of the evidence that humanity may be crossing planetary boundaries and approaching dangerous tipping points. A more effective environmental governance system needs to be instituted soon, according to the article.

In particular, the group argues for the creation of a UN Sustainable Development Council to better integrate sustainable development concerns across the UN system, with a strong role for the twenty largest economies (G20).

The article also suggests upgrading of the UN Environment Programme to a full-fledged UN agency – a step that would give it greater authority, more secure funding, and facilitate the creation and enforcement of international regulations and standards.

In addition, the article calls for stronger consultative rights for representatives of civil society in global governance, based on mechanisms that balance differences in influence and resources among civil society representatives.

In order to improve the speed of decision-making in international negotiations, the article calls for stronger reliance on qualified majority-voting in international decision-making.

The scientists also argue for increased financial support for poorer nations, including through novel financial mechanisms such as air transportation levies.

Says Professor Frank Biermann of VU University Amsterdam, lead author of the article and director of the Earth System Governance research alliance: “Societies must change course to steer away from critical tipping points in the Earth system that could lead to rapid and irreversible change. Incremental change is no longer sufficient to bring about societal change at the level and with the speed needed to stop earth system transformation. Structural change in global governance is needed, both inside and outside the UN system and involving both public and private actors”.

All 32 authors of this article are affiliated with the Earth System Governance Project, a global research alliance of hundreds of researchers and leading research institutions, specializing in the scientific study of international and national environmental governance. The Earth System Governance Project is part of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change.

The assessment underlying this article has been mandated by the organizers of the huge science conference “Planet under Pressure”, to be held 26-29 March 2012 in London, with several thousand scientists participating. It is also a key contribution of the science community to the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (“Rio+20”).


23 thoughts on “Agenda 21: Science mag calls for steps toward global governance”

  1. Utter balderdash. The aim of any government is to control the population – the more control, the better. Causes like global warming are just camouflage, to try to keep people from seeing the real agenda.

  2. It would be much too late. The time to have stopped this madness was over 100 years ago but nearly everyone was sold on the notion they were their brothers keeper, They kept silent and voted for the madness every time it came up for vote. Now we have a corruption of language and thought that would make Big Brother of Orwell’s 1984 turn green with envy.

  3. Obama more than bought in. He helped found the Chicago Climate Exchange that Goldman Sachs and Al Gore quickly funded aat 10% ownership each. The trillions to be made was simply impossible to pass up. And who do you suppose would end up paying in the money? The coal mines, natural gas companies, oil companies would have been taxed at the source. Then at every level up from that would come more fees. Our own individual carbon footprints would eventually have to be negotiated. Never in the history of the world has there been an easier scheme. A lot of people with good intentions were mislead.

  4. I’m a public school teacher who has watched the Intellectual Left in action in public schools for 30 years. Several generations of children have been told what to believe; how to be “multicultural,” “sustainable” and “tolerant.” I have witnessed the power of the National Education Assoc to keep a stranglehold on urban schools. If you are puzzled by the difference between Milwaukee and the rest of Wisconsin, or between Santa Fe and the rest of New Mexico, or Minneapolis and the rest of Minnesota, look no further than the k-12 school system.

  5. Please supply the evidence that forms the foundation of your argument. Climate models don’t count, by the way.

  6. Only prob, Janice, is that they’d next try to convince us the moon was falling upon the Earth, and we Must do something to stop it!

  7. Quit it with Godwin’s Law. The three of them combined didn’t even do as much damage as AGW is doing right now.

  8. If these idiots are so big on global governance then lets ship them to a country that’s working hard to meet that goal. Iran has a plan boys… and we’ll buy your one-way airfare!

  9. Pure, unadulterated, party political broadcast by the Primitivisers, aka the ‘Ministry of We Know Best’ (MWKB). Utterly astonishing that ‘Science’ would allow itself to be a political and policy platform to this garbage. The predictable and relentless use of ‘fear language’, for example: ‘global environmental disaster’, ‘Stark increases in natural disasters’, ‘food and water security problems’, ‘biodiversity loss’, ‘crossing planetary boundaries’ (??Huh??), ‘approaching dangerous tipping points’, (meaningless) coupled with providing the solution is a usual routine.

    The solution from the MWKB is frightening double-talk : ‘stronger consultative rights for representatives of civil society in global governance, based on mechanisms that balance differences in influence and resources among civil society representatives’, and ‘stronger reliance on qualified majority-voting in international decision-making’. (eco-communism by any other name)

    Make no mistake. These are very serious people about very serious business. It will take very dedicated people with both integrity and focus to address this movement, reinforced as they are by the lamentable impoverishment of wider general scholastic education.

    Mao, Stalin, Hitler et al. would have been proud.

  10. “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule it”, H.L. Mencken. It is always interesting and usually frightening to observe an individual or group that thinks they know what is best for their neighbors.

  11. Look up
    The Rockerfeller Brothers Fund, Carnegie, Club of Rome,The Black Nobility, the United Nations and EVERY SINGLE ENVIRONMENTAL group registered in the United Stataes of America are all behind this. We should get rid of the United Nations and all the NGO’s around the world. We should disband the EPA and the Dept. of Education. It is all about world domination of the few and wealthiest people on the planet. I am sick and tired of people not paying attention. Our President Mr. Obama has bought into this hook line and sinker. He thinks he is part of the Black Nobility, maybe he is, but I doubt it. Evil prevails when Good Men and Women do nothing!

  12. It’s time to shut down these universities that harbor leftist activists. It’s past time to “reinvent” the higher education system in this country. Eliminate the government money and generous spending that just supports leftist loonies.

  13. There’s nothing worse that a bunch of college educated twits that think they know how the rest of us should live.

  14. “Globalism” is the new Feudalism. We the People have been struggling against such since we made King John sign the Magna Carta. We thought we almost had it licked when in the last century Europe hade been reduced to a handful of Monarchies among a swarm of Republics. Unfortunately it is resurrecting with a new Ruling Class who feel not only entitled but obligated through some noblesse oblige of arrogance and chutzpah to control the smallest details of the lives of others.
    “Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.” — Robert A. Heinlein

  15. What does it take to become a “governence expert”? Balancing a budget should be a prerequisite.

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