Agenda 21: Push for new economic measure

“Global Well-Being”?

Climatewire reports:

Politicians, scientists, businesspeople, academics, economists and environmental groups are among a loose coalition forming to push for a radically new measure of the costs of economic growth as a tool to help estimate the looming risks posed by climate change.

Instead of using the universal yardstick of gross domestic product, which looks only at production and consumption, to gauge economic well-being, the unusual amalgam wants a far broader measure — or rather range of measures — that takes account of sustainability, environmental damage, biodiversity and social impacts.

The new measure, which some call GWB for Global Well-Being, will be among the larger issues raised at the so-called Rio+20 international talks in Rio de Janeiro beginning June 13. The U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development will mark the 20th anniversary of talks that led to the Kyoto Protocol to curb climate change…

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7 thoughts on “Agenda 21: Push for new economic measure”

  1. “environmental damage, biodiversity ”

    I just finished reading a book by David McCullough on the building of the Panama Canal. A French company under de Lesspes went broke trying to build the canal, and in the process lost about 22,000 workers killed by yellow fever and malaira.

    With the advantage of learning the causes of yellow fever and malaria – two different species of mosuqito, the Americans eradicated most ot the mosquitoes before finishing the work, therefore reducing biodeversity

  2. Please tell me how they can monitor 7 billion people with satellites and microchips. Enlighten me.

  3. Now you are being completely paranoid. Your take on microchips are unfounded: They don’t have them! Shut up.

  4. If Agenda 21 is ever completely implemented, Hell will look like a garden spot. Every Earthling should read this abomination. A few excerpts:

    No private property, or personal possessions. Everything including you belong to the UN.

    No private transportation. Public only with a permit.

    No single family dwellings. You will be assigned a living space. You will be assigned work.

    After your assigned number of children are weaned, they will be raised by the state.

    No agriculture including a garden except for a government sponsored company, probably Monsanto.

    The Earth has the same rights as humans. No disturbing the ground.

    Access to food, money, transportation, basically anything will only be allowed by an implanted microchip.

    You will be monitored 24hrs a day by the GPS in the chip.

    Depopulation: The current debate is whether to allow 100 million, or 500 million.


  5. The really sad part is that the UN has turned reality on it’s head. The only way to accomplish what they claim to seek, a reduction in poverty and an increase in health and well-being is to raise the poor, not lower the rich. Only in the upside down reality of a committed leftist is cutting everyone down to poverty the laudable direction to “equalize” the world.

  6. Gack. They want even more than we thought they did. And the government-funded enviros are in on the deal. Sweet!

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