17 Days Later, Peter Gleick is Back in the Saddle

Donna Laframboise takes a shot at the shameless Peter Gleick.

Laframboise writes at No Frakking Consensus:

On February 20th activist scientist Peter Gleick issued a public statement. He admitted to creating a false identity in order to steal the property (confidential documents) of a private think tank. There is a sound argument that, by doing so, Gleick has confessed to committing a federal felony called wire fraud.

According to Gleick himself, his actions demonstrated:

“a serious lapse of my own and professional judgment and ethics…”

In his own opinion, his “judgment was blinded,” his behaviour is something to be deeply regretted, and apologies were appropriate and necessary. In the opinion of the New York Times‘ blogger Andrew
Revkin, Gleick had “admitted to an act that leaves his reputation in ruins” (for more info see here).

So how long did it take Gleick’s community to forgive and forget? A grand total of 17 days…

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2 thoughts on “17 Days Later, Peter Gleick is Back in the Saddle”

  1. I think he should be tried for wire-fraud, and if the GREEN-Meanie-weenie guys “love” him so much, have the sentence, suspended, so the conviction stands, but he doesn’t DO the time, except on his reputation. Who could “trust” him again, but the Greens are “libs”, and as liberalism is a mental disease (–Dr.Michael Savage), THEY instantly excuse Gleek, because Greens are not about Truth, but Loyalty,–not about Facts, but Advocacy.

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