$1.1 Trillion in Energy Savings Possible by 2035, Study Claims


Greenwire reports:

With a pair of reports released today, efficiency advocates are making their case for more rules to ban the sale of energy-wasting appliances.

Existing national efficiency standards will cut Americans’ expenses by $1.1 trillion from now to 2035, according to a new report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) that calls on the federal government to clamp down on electric water heaters, walk-in freezers and cable boxes.

Setting new standards for products such as those would save $165 billion more and offset about 7 percent of projected electricity needs nationwide in 2035, the report says. And without any standards at all, electricity consumption would be 14 percent higher…

Quick thoughts:

  • This report is from the people who want to rip-off consumers with needlessly expensive “energy efficient” consumer products.
  • Although America has become slightly more energy efficient over time, this is due mostly to the changing nature of our economy and technology, and not energy efficiency standards/efforts per se.
  • $1.1. trillion spread over 23 years is not a lot of money in a $14 trillion economy.
  • There is no particular need to “save” electricity on a societal basis.

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4 thoughts on “$1.1 Trillion in Energy Savings Possible by 2035, Study Claims”

  1. Of one with the light bulb ban – also supported by people wanting to require purchase of CFLs. Unnecessary and costly violation of free markets and individual liberty in favor of government self righteousness.

  2. And, if we actually used less electricity, the utilities would raise their
    rates to maintain their profit level. YOU CANNOT SAVE MONEY. By

  3. As a consumer who has been roped into buying those “energy efficient” appliances, I can tell you that most of what I might have saved in energy I’ve wasted in extra work for them to do what I used to get with my old “energy wasting” appliances. Then there’s the fact that the useful life of an “energy efficient” appliance seems to be about 1/2 of what I used to expect. Much less in some cases. The worst example of this is clothes washing machines, followed closely by dishwashers. When we got married my wife had an old Maytag washer that she’d bought used, almost ten years old. She’s used it for another ten, and we used it for more than ten more before it finally couldn’t be fixed. In the ensuing 18 years we’ve gone through four. An average of one every five years. Where’s the energy savings in that? To say nothing of the expense of replacing what should last at least twenty years every five. Then we could get into the fact that they don’t work nearly as well, so we also replace clothes more often, do more loads of wash with more soap, and often wash, then rewash the same loads. There is no “savings” with these new appliances, in fact, in waste, replacements, and other miseries, I see only costs.

  4. More neo-NAZI totalitarians looking to run our lives because they know better. Quick analysis, over next 23 years they claim to save $1.1T, but neglect to specify any costs. Given that companies and individuals are pretty rational when it comes to their own money, don’t the ACEE-NAZIs think that when economically viable the energy savings will be made with out their (ACEE-NAZIs) direction. And a little perspective: current size of our economy–$15T/year, growth of approximately 3%/year (assuming Obama doesn’t get re-elected and totaly destroy the economy with his virulent socialist master plan), yielding approximately $517.5T of economic activity over the time horizon cited. So all this fuss over 0.2% saviings over the next 23 years!

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