Who is Peter Gleick?

Who is the man who used deception to obtain documents from Heartland?

Gleick’s bio is below.

Click to read his admission of guilt.


Dr. Peter H. Gleick is co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute in Oakland, California. He is a hydroclimatologist by training, with a B.S. from Yale University and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley from the Energy and Resources Group. His research and writing address the critical connections between water and human health, the hydrological impacts of climate change, sustainable water use, privatization and globalization, and international conflicts over water resources.

Dr. Gleick is an internationally recognized water expert and was named a MacArthur Fellow in October 2003 for his work. In 2001, Gleick was dubbed a “visionary on the environment” by the British Broadcasting Corporation. In 2006 he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.

Gleick serves on the boards of numerous journals and organizations, and is the author of many scientific papers and eight books, including the biennial water report, “The World’s Water,” and his latest, “Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water,” published by Island Press (Washington, D.C.).

8 thoughts on “Who is Peter Gleick?”

  1. Cross examining the defendants claim….’Deniers are anonymous, well-funded and coordinated’…

    This UNETHICAL statement should read….”Deniers publically state their names risking reputations, are unfunded and uncoordinated”. Our only ‘coordination’ is our love of empherically based science. It is time to disband this AGU Ethics Committee and hold REAL investigations into the fictional ‘back radiation’ hypothesis.

    BTW…this is the very UNANONYMOUS Joseph A Olson, co-author of “Slaying the Sky Dragon”.

  2. I think he’s a self employed sub contractor whose product is to provide Bay Area Democrats with plausibility while they cut off water deliveries to farms destroying Valley producers.

    Can’t be fired. Could maybe get dried out.

  3. He’s a window into the cynical, self-loathing souls who make up the die-hard eco-left leadership. Have dinner with them and you’ll wonder why they didn’t go postal years before. He is so ideologically blinded (man is bad, really bad) that he can’t, won’t believe that we skeptics are sincere and believe WE are on “the side” of science. Thus, we MUST be greed-driven, so, therefore, the ends justified the means in stopping us.

    Boom! His beliefs just blew up in his face.

  4. I’d have preferred having him shoveled into a coal generating plant furnace, but okay. At least then he’d be good for something.

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