Wheeling Intelligencer: Obama Winning His War on Coal

“Time may already have run out for Americans to defeat President Barack Obama in his war against the coal industry. Many utility companies already have run up the white flag.”

The Wheeling Intelligencer editorializes:

…Before millions of people even knew about the war on coal, decisions were made that will send their utility bills skyrocketing. Some of those choices are irreversible.

A few weeks ago it was revealed at least 32 coal-fired power plants in 12 states, including West Virginia and Ohio, would be closed so utility companies could comply with the Obama administration’s air pollution regulations. On the list was the Kammer Plant near Moundsville.

Last week FirstEnergy announced it would close three West Virginia power plants later this year, along with six in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland, for the same reason.

Environmental Protection Agency officials are pressing utilities to replace 25 percent of their coal-fired generating capacity by 2014. That may not be possible, but it is an indication Obama’s EPA is attempting to wreck the coal industry before anyone can stop it.

A few days ago, American Electric Power President and Chief Executive Officer Nick Akins said complying with EPA mandates will drive power costs up by at least 10-25 percent. AEP serves 5.3 million customers in 11 states…

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One thought on “Wheeling Intelligencer: Obama Winning His War on Coal”

  1. They absolutely have, but Obama just pushed them over the edge. Environmentalists using courts and prior regulations got them to the edge. I know the State of Illinois attorney general scores political points all the time by opposing plant expansion in Milwaukee WI and oil sands refining in Gary IN. It’s costly and unceasing. Activitists are practiciing and sharpening their tools all the time. At the point now where a coal-minded company can’t fight back with its own activism because that voice comes with a 99% discount by the press. And scientific fact is not activist either.

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