West Virginia Redo: Morgantown to Revote Tonight on EPA Resolution

“Morgantown City Council will convene for a special meeting Monday to reconsider a controversial resolution passed last week that supports the federal Environmental Protection Agency.”

MetroNews (Morgantown, WV) reports:

Council members unanimously approved the resolution Feb. 7 after no discussion. It calls on EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and President Barack Obama “to move swiftly to fully employ and enforce the Clean Air Act to do our part to reduce carbon in our atmosphere to no more than 350 parts per million.”

The vote raised the ire of many residents. State officials routinely criticize Jackson for her stance on coal, and the EPA’s use of the Clean Water Act during the permitting process for new mines. West Virginia has one of the highest disapproval rates of President Obama.

The vote came at an unfavorable time for city officials. Only hours after the resolution passed, FirstEnergy Corp. announced plans to shut down three coal-fired power plants in West Virginia. The company cited new EPA regulations on mercury emissions as the rationale for the closings.

On Wednesday, city leaders attempted to backtrack from their vote. Mayor Jim Manilla said council passed the resolution because members were focused on other agenda items.

“We didn’t give it much consideration. It slipped by us,” Manilla said. “I apologize”…

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3 thoughts on “West Virginia Redo: Morgantown to Revote Tonight on EPA Resolution”

  1. You reap what you sow… if the dumbass Morgantown WV voters don’t clear every one of those idiot council people out that voted for this resolution in the next election, then it’s woodNfish’s declaration for them.
    The level of incompetence and stupidity demonstrated by our collective elected officials these days, may likely be a reflection of population, which is what should disturb us ALL, even more.

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