‘Weaver causes media storm by stating the obvious — coal is climate change bad guy, not the oilsands’

Bad news for Bill McKibben and Robert Redford.

Gary Lamphier writes at the Edmonton Journal:

…If you’re wondering at this point why the mainstream media has killed off entire forests in recent years repeating the hysterical anti-oilsands claims of environmental activists like Bill McKibben and jet-hopping Hollywood celebs like Robert Redford, well, you’re not alone. The facts just don’t support their over-the-top rhetoric, and never have…

Of course, media coverage of Weaver’s study promptly sent the green lobby into damage control mode. Mike Hudema, climate and energy campaigner with Greenpeace Canada, did his best to demonize the oilsands, yet again, by rehashing the same tired mantra Greenpeace has repeated for years…

Read the commentary.

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