WashTimes: Global warming’s desperate caper

“When ‘scientists’ sink to Watergate-style tactics to attack the motivation of an underfunded group that has different opinions, they betray their weakness.

The Washington Times editorializes:

….The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) went so far as to imply that Heartland’s devastating critiques drove Mr. Gleick to commit his crime. “It’s unfortunate that the bitter, personal attacks on his colleagues and their work contributed to what he called a lapse of his own personal judgment and ethics,” UCS President Kevin Knobloch wrote on the UCS blog. Mr. Knobloch went on to equate the Heartland theft with the Climategate documents leaked from the University of East Anglia beginning in 2009.

There are several key differences. The Climategate emails were written on the taxpayer dime and were improperly withheld from release under freedom-of-information laws. The items that were released online contained no sensitive, private information. The Heartland documents, on the other hand, contained personal contact information for staffers who have nothing to do with the environmental debate.

The Climategate emails showed that the prophets of imminent global catastrophe used the peer-review process to silence critics while employing dubious techniques to shield their publicly funded work from review by the taxpayers who were paying their salaries. Heartland doesn’t take government money, so what it chooses to disclose is its own business…

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4 thoughts on “WashTimes: Global warming’s desperate caper”

  1. You are correct. Look to the Globalists, and their fronts, to then put-together the Conspiracy. The “Blunder-burgers”(bilderbergers) TOLD Nobama & Hellery to “crash the USA economy” USING the EPA. The EPA is trying to use ANY reason to shut-down gas/oil production from PRIVATE-land, –from leases approved by Bush (who’s Not that great, with all his “free-trade” treaties that compromise Senatorial power and Executive Orders that may allow the NEXT Pres {–in this case, Nobama) to do Anti-constitutional stuff to us). The EPA must be eliminated, with a tiny fragment of their remaining power, going entirely to be managed by the individual States, or it will destroy the Economy, –the “idea,” –the INTENT of the Globalists, because THEN they can say:”See, We gave Capitalism a chance, and it didn’t work. Check-out our Global Soviet-style Socio-fascism, with 99 out of a hundred no longer “spoiling” Gaia( Earth ‘Godess’–Pagan concept). Right now, the EPA is the “Club”, –the bludgeon, of the Bilderbergers and other Globalists(–CFR, Tri-laterals, Atlantic Alliance, The Club of Rome, etc–the “usual comvicts”), imo. Dr. Lindzen testified recently against the “warmists” in an address to Britain’s Parliament, on the Global-warming Hoax. The Globalists are trying to destroy other countries than ours–they are heavily entrenched all over the EU, trying to dismantle their economies, which, if one thinks about it, is clearly an ATTACK AGAINST Politicians, and National governance, because if the economy of a nation isn’t healthy, revenues will be down, un-employment high, dis-content legion,–political power suspect.

  2. The UCS is not a union, and the vast majorities of its members are not scientists. Someone even managed to make their dog a member. And Glieck was ‘driven’ to commit fraud and theft by the skeptics? I remember post-9/11 claims that the destruction of the World Trade Center was our fault because we riled up the Islamists.

  3. The Union of Concerned Scientists has always sought to put the stamp of science on the theology/philosophy of socialism and present it as mankinds hope for the future. I apply theology to socialism because of the dogmatic loyalty of it followers despite millenniums of failure in its practice from medieval times forward. As it is based on faith rather than facts it must be a religion.

  4. UCS are,imo, Communists defending an eventual Commie, Glyuck, who sounds and acts like a Globalist. Commies defend their own. At the end of the Conspiracy, Glyuck & the UCS want the same thing,–World Soviet-Socialist Global Governance, out of the U.N.(–a longtime Commie-idea). The Wash. Times did a good job with its article, imo.

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