2 thoughts on “Video: Michael Mann as ‘defender of good science’”

  1. Mann made innumerable ad hominem and and unsupported allegations during his little diatribe. Rather than actually address the fact that he got caught cooking the books, he defames the folks that pointed out the errors and fraud in his work. The key question is whether Mann is 1st an environmentalist using his scientific background to pursue the socialist agenda of the left, or 1st a scientist searching for the truth. His tactics, his writings, and his words indicate he is the former.

  2. Mr Mann – Good Science requires “Good scientists” to retract their bad papers….

    Requiring accountability and transparency of science – ARE the “rules of engagement of science”.
    Requiring correlation and causation observational ( repeatable ) empirical evidence for a hypothesis – ARE the “rules of engagement of science”.

    30 plus years and hundreds of millions of dollars later…………..we still wait for the above.

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