7 thoughts on “Video: Collapsing Cooling Towers”

  1. Dear Ed-G: You are correct. Nukes are cheap and safe. CO2 is not a factor, plus there’s NO global warming. Nukes would be a GREAT way to re-charge all those electric-cars they want us to buy for the non-train commute. Growth IS anathema to the Globalist, Commu-fascists anxious to keep this country broke on foreign oil, when there are “seas” of it under our feet(way, way, down), with barrels of it being made as I type. I think the Globalists would oppose any energy generation, except the expensive, inefficient ways. We can fuel our nukes with Deterium derived from water, or start reprocessing spent fuel, if we can’t get the permts to mine uranium, here.

  2. this has nothing to do with CO2, warming, etc.
    this has everthing to do with misanthropy
    these ass biscuits really truly believe the Earth is running out of resources and will do anything and everything to ‘save the planet’, of course their results will be stupid, deadly, and counter productive. but then what else is new?

  3. Nuclear is the best answer here in the United States. The number of people killed by radiation poisoning in the U.S. is zero! If the climate hysterics are serious about reducing C02, then retrofitting homes in the frost belt to electric heat would reduce oil consumption while providing cheap abundant power for economic growth. Of course growth is anathema to the left, so nuclear must be smeared, and stopped by any means.

  4. that’s pretty funny. I like the part about replaceing a 500 MW nuke station with 3 wind turbines that may produce 1 MW each. Wikipedia shows all the reactors in operation and decommissioned around the world. I cound 7 sites remaining in operation in the UK. 11 sites have been decommissioned mostly in the last decade.

    Really scary is China has 14 reactors and is building 26 more all to be in operation by 2015. Perhaps the UK is missing an important trend in energy generation? When complete that will be 27,000 MW in new power. In comparison the UK is very proud of their rapid increase to 6,000 MW from wind turbines in the last 10 years. So basically China will be doing almost 5 times that in 3 years, good for them.

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