US Attorney springs ‘Gasland’ creep

The U.S. Attorney is a Democrat, after all.

Josh Fox writes on Facebook:

This morning, the charge of “unlawful entry” brought against me was dismissed without condition. The US Attorney dropped the case, finding it baseless and without merit. Although this is a personal victory and I am very grateful and relieved at the US Attorney’s decision, it serves as a painful reminder that we do not have rights unless we exercise them…

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Click for “‘Gasland’ Creep: ‘I’m being denied my First Amendment rights!’”.

2 thoughts on “US Attorney springs ‘Gasland’ creep”

  1. The Constitution grants the Houses of Congress absolute power in setting its rules. A rule to limit the filming of a hearing would be OK. Bear in mind that Congress gave permission to C-Span to broadcast its session in 1979.

    There are at least 1000 ft. of Earth between a fracked well and anybody’s water supply. Spills would have limited effects due to spatial separation. Mr. Fox’s claims are blatantly ridiculous.

  2. I recall hearing — I forget where — something about these guys taking an oath to uphold the laws of the United States without fear or favor. Something like that. Probably was just a bad rumor.

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