Tulsa World: Inhofe writes book on ‘hoax’ of global warming

“He sees the book as a wake-up call for the country.”

The Tulsa World reports:

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe years ago declared man-made global warming a hoax and more recently declared victory over his opponents in that long-running debate.

Still, the Oklahoma Republican believes his work is not done.

Next week, the senator said his plans for the book’s introduction include interviews with several broadcast personalities known for being on the other side of the debate.

Published by WND Books, which described it as a coup de grace to the global-warming movement, the book is titled “The Greatest Hoax,” with the subtitle “How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future”…

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The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future

3 thoughts on “Tulsa World: Inhofe writes book on ‘hoax’ of global warming”

  1. What a man of character, Jim Inhofe–a Statesman, Jim Inhofe. He’s a Republican, Jim Inhofe,–why not run JIM INHOFE as the Republican nominee for President? You heard it first, here,–JIM INHOFE, FOR PRESIDENT!–a Noble man, Jim Inhofe’d be the FIRST to tell you he still has “work” in the Senate, rather than run for President! At least Jim Inhofe loves this country enough to tell the Truth, rather than the LIARS, of the Regime! I can see it, now. An Inhofe-Paul ticket to quickly whip-us OUT of dependency & debt. Jim Inhofe for the Republicans,–Ron Paul for the independents, Constitutional governance, and Auditing/eliminating the FED. Vote Nobama, if you LIKE:–no work BECAUSE…of no energy from the ground/coasts, plus $5.00/gal. gas, and a ticket to “LOSER-VILLE, where we Apologize to those who: beat their wives, mutilate their children, worry about Koran-abuse, or getting their next crop of Opium shipped to France or where-ever Heroin is processed. Raised in a 5th Dimension(?), USA-Regime trogledites of the Dept. of State, don’t UNDERSTAND a President’s apology is Afgani for “Kick-Me”, & “Kill our soldiers” –the same soldiers making it easier for Karsi’s people to Rule a land of PROFOUND Ingrates, who would be dead, in ditches, clutching their Korans, their children in the Pioneers, if we hadn’t helped them-out, decades ago, against the Russians.

  2. He was one of the first public figures to point out that the Emperor had no clothes on. More power to him.

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