Trzupek: Eco-Radical Defrauds Conservative Institute

“In the past, Heartland used to release its donor list, but stopped doing so after radical opponents used that information to try to harass funders.”

Rich Trzupek writes at

… [Deniergate] reinforces a few basic truths. First, it’s clear that organizations like Heartland are the Davids, not the Goliaths, when it comes to discussing so-called climate change. Heartland’s funding is tiny compared to the big dogs among leftist environmental groups like the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund and American Lung Association. Second, it’s equally clear that “big oil” isn’t behind opposition to global-warming goodthink. Organizations like Heartland are trying to defend sound science, not pay homage to non-existent corporate masters. Finally, and most disturbingly, Gleick’s actions are yet another example of how the alarmist crowd continues to abandon any pretense of objectivity or morality in order to get their way. As the Climategate scandals have revealed, the high-priests and priestesses of the global warming religion will stop at nothing to stamp out heritics.

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