Surber: Today in global warming stupidity

“I suggest our moral and intellectual superiors such as Brad Johnson volunteer to take that long walk off the short pier.”

Don Surber writes at the Daily Mail (Charleston, WV):

President Obama’s supporters continue to amaze me with their political extrapolations that take them deep into outer space. Amherst grad Brad Johnson over at the tax-exempt Think Progress is rationalizing having everyone else pay for his girlfriend’s birth control by saying it will save the planet. It’s a pretty fair example of what passes for liberal political insight in the Age of the Internet:…

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One thought on “Surber: Today in global warming stupidity”

  1. Birth Control sure beats war, famine, and disease in controlling our numbers. Insane comments, such as Mr. Surber’s, decrerase the power of the rational arguments against the Naderists that populate our institutions.,

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