Stockholm Environmental Institute: Gleick a ‘bad scientist’

Maybe MSNBC or CNN will hire him as a science reporter.

Climatewire reports:

…Others said Gleick’s ethical lapse will and should permanently damage the renowned scientist. Richard Klein, climate policy analyst at the Stockholm Environment Institute, wrote: “Irrespective of credentials, a scientist who lets his personal convictions blur his professional judgment is a bad scientist.”

One thought on “Stockholm Environmental Institute: Gleick a ‘bad scientist’”

  1. This was a major criminal deception, not a mere breach of ethics. It is akin to many other deceptions that the alarmists’ propaganda machine have propagated in the past, and continue to propagate with the assistance of the Old Media and politicians and bureaucrats who believe that the sheep need to be led. It is no mistake that it was done, and no mistake or surprise that the alarmist community is hoping to lionize Gleick instead of ostracizing him.

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