Still yawning: ‘Leaked Heartland Institute documents pull back curtain on climate scepticism’

Yes, skeptics and alarmists are financially supported by backers. Anyone who thought otherwise wasn’t thinking.

The Guardian reports:

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,” pleaded the Wizard of Oz as Toto revealed the true identity of the man with the big, booming voice to Dorothy and her friends. But it was too late: the illusion was shattered.

The Heartland Institute, an influential rightwing thinktank based in Chicago, which has long pushed misinformation about climate change, is currently having its own Wizard of Oz moment following the leaking of internal documents which reveal the true extent of its funding and efforts to cast doubt on climate science…

Read the entire report.

8 thoughts on “Still yawning: ‘Leaked Heartland Institute documents pull back curtain on climate scepticism’”

  1. It is reassuring to learn that not all ‘deniers’ are having to pay all their own bills. We are still a long way from having the various Propaganda Ministries and tax-sheltered NGOs budget millions to pay our way to conferences in world-famous resorts to parade in front of the Margarita Media chanting “Hooray for Our Side.”

  2. What does climate change have to do with clean air and clean water, Christianne? The billions of dollars being spent for fraudulent studies on climate are not doing a thing to clean the air and water. So is your question a serious one, or are you just a shill for the alarmists?

  3. Yes, what if environmentalists’ climate change theories are complete garbage? We would have expended all this effort to provide cleaner air and purer water to our children and our chlidren’s children all for nothing.

  4. I refuse to cede the high ground to the alarmists. THEY ARE THE DENIERS
    AND SKEPTICS. Science clearly shows that there is no such thing as Man
    Made Global Warming. The environmentalist whackos’ belief in MMGW is
    their denial of science.

  5. “Yawn” is right. Let them hang their hats on e-mails taken from a privately funded organization. But they call it a theft when e-mails are shared from a publicly funded organization.

    The author complains about “collusion” between AGW apostates. Heaven forbid two scientists who disagree with you should discuss their ideas!!

    The author also complains about the millions donated to the cause. Is this supposed to compare to the billions of tax payer dollars poured into the AGW cause?

  6. These documents clearly show that the constant claims of ‘well funded climate denialism’ was never true. This is good publicity.

    As a skeptic myself, I never really knew if deniers were well funded or not. Now I know they never were well funded. Its the greenies who have been well funded all along.

    Thank you Desmogblog. Nice work.

  7. I read this one. Talk about getting paid to undermine science.

    This is factually egregious: The writer quotes Heartland: “His effort will focus on providing curriculum that shows that the topic of climate change is controversial and uncertain – two key points that are effective at dissuading teachers from teaching science.” He uses the quote to misconstrue that Heartland is paying to dissaude teachers from teaching science. But the stated goal of the project is to develop a science curriculum free of controversy and uncertainty that dissaude the teaching of unbiased science.

    Look! A squirrell!!! Look! A donor!!! Don’t look, those evil Kochs had stopped contributing until last year.

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