SMU voice performance major says ‘Keep America pro-science’

Perhaps Paul Kroeger should have put his major where is mouth is.

SMU junior, voice performance major and opinion editor of SMU’s The Daily Campus Kroeger opines:

Last week I was listening to the BBC’s “World Report,” which discussed how Americans tend to reject science. When it comes to areas of science like global warming, stem cell research and evolution, a large percentage of Americans refuse to believe the scientific community…

I have to say, I was quite embarrassed for America during “World Report.” Why do our citizens reject science? I believe that a substantial portion of the responsibility for this willful ignorance lies with conservative politicians…

Regardless of how the election progresses, the Republican party cannot and should not allow itself to become associated with anti-science ideas. Our current trajectory is too dangerous and unsustainable for our nation to reject scientific consensus.

Furthermore, I strongly hope that it is politically untenable to take an active stance against science. I know that there are many economically and socially conservative people on SMU’s campus who are educated enough to see climate change as a very real problem…

By rejecting science, Republican politicians dumb down their party, recklessly misinform the public and set our nation and the world on a dangerous path to obsolescence.

It’s time for America to get on board with the people who know what they are talking about when it comes to science: scientists. Let’s leave the debate about whether or not climate change exists behind, and debate how to address it instead.

One thought on “SMU voice performance major says ‘Keep America pro-science’”

  1. Hearing the proud and easy morality of somebody’s Golden Child, presuming to speak up for “Science” as a quasi-religion rather than a method, a tool useful only to those who believe truth exists in the first place, is always a great way to start the day. It’s better than a cup of coffee. Is there any actual difference between this young man’s earnest defense of his faith and that of the crowd of Afghans attacking Camp Phoenix in Kabul because someone was mistakenly burning discarded Korans?

    I’m sure his girlfriend was really impressed.

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