Smart Meters: ‘We must separate skepticism, conspiracy’

Smart meters are the gatewy to electricity rationing. comments:

About a dozen tenants in one Nanaimo apartment building recently complained that B.C. Hydro smart meters were boosting their bill for electricity.

The new devices hadn’t been turned on yet.

So, how did all these people come to believe that their rates were being jacked up by the controversial smart meters if their electricity use was being evaluated in the same way it had been for years? What had changed?

We believe that there have been so many conspiracies and so much misinformation about the smart meters that some members of the public aren’t sure what to believe…

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One thought on “Smart Meters: ‘We must separate skepticism, conspiracy’”

  1. Who needs ‘smart meters’ to ration electricity when there’s already a choke-hold on coal, gas and nuclear?

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